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May  2021

All Qld Scale Model event –  Saturday 1st to Monday 3rd

Working Bee and Committee Meeting – Saturday 15th

Family/Training Day –  Sunday 30th

June  2021

Working Bee –  Thursday 3rd

Public Running Day –  Sunday 6th

Working Bee –  Saturday 19th

Committee Meeting – Saturday 19th

July  2021

Working Bee  –  Thursday 1st

Public Running Day –  Sunday 4th

Working Bee –  Saturday 17th

Committee Meeting – Saturday 17th

Working Bee – Thursday 29th

Members and Guests Birthday run – Saturday 31st

August  2021

Public Running Day –  Sunday 1st – Birthday run

Working Bee –  Saturday 14th

Committee Meeting – Saturday 14th

Annual General Meeting – Sunday 22nd