Santa run rescheduled

It is with great regret that we advise all of our regular supporters and visitors that the recent significant rain event has resulted in some flooding through the site.

Much of the track has been damaged and requires some work before we can run again, and the entire site is extremely wet.

We have therefore made the decision to defer our final run for the year by one week, to allow the grounds to dry out and track repairs to be carried out.

Our December run will now be on the 12th. Santa has been rescheduled and will still be paying us a visit.

We do apologise for the change of date and any inconvenience this may cause.

We wish all of our followers, supporters and visitors a very Merry Christmas , and if you cannot make it on the 12th then maybe we will see you in the New Year.

Ipswich City Council Support

The club wishes to express their sincere gratitude to Mayor Teresa Harding and all the Councilors for grants received by the club. The Council has very generously provide from Councilor Discretionary Funds an amount of $1286.40 for the purchase of paints and materials to assist with site maintenance and restorations.

The Council has also provided an additional grant of $2000 from the Covid 19 Ipswich Community Operational Support Funding Program to help with our operational costs, this will help offset the losses the club has experienced due to the lack of income during the past 18 months.

All members sincerely thank the Ipswich City Council for the assistance provided to the club, it does really make a difference to small non profit organisations such as our.

Thank you Ipswich City Council

Public Running

Unfortunately due to the weather conditions and flood water through the site we have had to defer our last run for 2021 to Sunday December 12th from 10.00am to 2.00pm, we apologise for the late change, Santa has been rescheduled and will be making a brief visit.

Once again we remind everyone that the situation could change at anytime, hopefully it will only change for the better, but in the meantime it will be necessary for all visitors to the site to comply with current State Government guidelines, log in on arrival, make sure you have a mask with you, practice social distancing and sanitise regularly. We will monitor the numbers on site and if necessary take action to maintain the numbers at an acceptable level.

We do look forward to more visitors on site, enjoying the club facilities and riding the trains but please remember, as well as the Covid requirements,

Fully Enclosed Footwear must be worn to ride the trains –

Thongs and Sandals are not acceptable.